About me

From a young age, I was always interested in understanding how exercise influences physiology. As such, I pursued my bachelor's degree in kinesiology at McGill university. Following this, I started my master’s degree at Simon Fraser University where I developed an in vitro model of exercise (think “exercise in a dish”) to study exercise signaling. Currently, I am a PhD student in the molecular and cellular exercise physiology group with Dr. Jorge Ruas. Here, I study how endogenous tryptophan metabolites (which shift in response to exercise) modulate communication between sensory neurons and adipose tissue, and how this affects systemic energy metabolism. The outcome of my research could provide new therapies to help people with metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.


BSc - Kinesiology (McGill University, Canada)

MSc - Biomedical physiology & kinesiology (Simon Fraser University, Canada)