About me

I am currently Assistant professor in Pr. Agneta’s Nordberg group. My main area of research is the in vitro characterization of novel PET tracers using autoradiography and binding assay. I defended my PhD in neuroscience in University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France, in Pr Luc Zimmer group. The focus of my PhD was characterization of new PET tracers for serotoninergic receptor 5HT1a and 5HT7 using autoradiography and in vivo PET on rat and cat. During a first postdoc in University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, I worked on characterization of new SPECT ligands for serotoninergic transporter in Pr. Hank Kung laboratory. In 2013, I started a second post doc, here, in Agneta Nordberg’s group, with more focus on Alzheimer disease and more precisely, the characterization of new PET tracers for Tau deposits. 


Research description

Our main interest is to understand more clearly the different binding properties of the different tau PET tracers in human postmortem brain tissue from sporadic and familial AD cases as well as non-AD tauopathies, using autoradiography and binding assay techniques. We also have an interest to compare the tau deposits with other hallmarks of AD such as amyloid plaques and activated astrocytes.