Lars Henningsohn

Senior lecturer/senior physician

About me

My educational career started 2001 as the teacher in charge of the urological education on the course Clinical medicine surgery at Karolinska Huddinge. Since 2007, I have been course director of studies on this course which is divided between the 4 major hospitals in Stockholm. There is nothing more joyful or more important than educating the next generation in the best way possible. I have constantly worked to modernize the clinical educational activities so that it fits into our highly effective healthcare system. As our health care system changes due to the demands of our society the teaching methods for us teachers as well as students' learning methods must be adapted to the new systems. I have created interprofessional knowledge cafes in the clinic and started clinical teaching methods using vernissage seminars and mentometerlectures. Working with methods that preserve our students' joy and curiosity leads to knowledgeable secure individuals in their future professions.

 I got a very good scientific education of my supervisors during my doctoral studies work leading to my dissertation in 2002, when I presented my thesis on patients' quality of life after treatment for advanced bladder cancer. This project taught me how important it is to take advantage of all researching discipline’s strengths. Since then I have participated in and participates in both instruction/tutoring and research within my field of urology as well as in educational projects. 2012, I became an associate professor of urology.

In 2000 I got my specialist title in urology. As a teacher in a semester-long course such as Clinical medicine – surgery, with teaching responsibilities each week throughout the semester, I have come to concentrate on those areas of my subject that I think really like working with and that is to take care of patients with urological diseases in their external genital organs, both in men and women.

On the leadership side, I am apart of study director for the course Clinical medicine – surgery, also Head of the division of Urology at my institution . I'm also into my fourth year as president of the Swedish Urological Association. Pressing issues I want to work on updating and modernizing the education of all students. It is also important to constantly monitor and defend education programs justification in today's production-oriented health care.