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I focus on adolescent psychiatry, specifically employing causal symptom networks generated from respondent perceptions. The traditional view of psychiatry assumes that a diagnosis such as depression is a distinct entity, which runs into problems with comorbidity and huge heterogeneity within the categories. An alternative, the network approach, instead shifts focus to the levels of the symptoms, and how one symptom may influence other symptoms. These influences (or rather, some of them) are assumed to be highly individual. This can be visualized as networks and used, among other things, to simulate effects of different treatment targets, and thus enable individualized interventions.

An example:

I hope to be part in the future transformation of psychiatric taxonomy, in which we move towards a more dynamic and nuanced understanding that can better capture the complexities of individuals, while sticking to quantifiable and systematic methods. If you want to try out the methods, links are at the bottom of this page.

My background is in behavioral interventions for children with autism, which of course remains an interest :)

Also, I write childrens books!

Research description


Julian Burger, Vida Andikkhash, Nelly Jäger, Therese Anderbro, Tessa Blanken, Lars Klintwall. Novel Approach for Constructing Personalized Networks from Longitudinal Perceived Causal Relations. FULLTEXT

Published articles

Andreasson, Schenström, Bjureberg, Klintwall (2023). Perceived Causal Networks: Clinical Utility Evaluated by Therapists and Patients Journal for Person-Oriented Research.

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Articles stuck in preparation

Klintwall & Eikeseth: “The Sparks that Light Up the World: Variation in Primary Reinforcers and the Development of Social Behaviors or Autism” Submitted to The Behavior Analyst. PDF

Editor for books

Klintwall & Jegéus: Leka, äta, prata – övningar för barn i behov av särskilt stöd. Natur & Kultur, våren 2020.

Book chapters

Klintwall & Eikeseth (2013) “Early and Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) in Autism” In V. B. Patel, V. R. Preedy, & C. R. Martin (Eds.), The Comprehensive Guide to Autism. pp 117-137. Springer, New York.  PDF

Eikeseth & Klintwall: (2013) Comprehensive Educational Interventions. In V. B. Patel, V. R. Preedy, & C. R. Martin(Eds.), The Comprehensive Guide to Autism. pp 2101-2123. Springer, New York. PDF

Eikeseth, Smith & Klintwall: (2014) “Discrete Trial Teaching and Discrimination Training” P. Sturmey, J. Tarbox, D. Dixon, & J. L. Matson (Eds.), Handbook of Early Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Research, Practice, and Policy, 293-324, Springer, New York. PDF

Teaching portfolio

I have 5+ years of teaching experience, mainly undergrad level at clincal courses in child psychiatry, but also methods such as single case experimental designs (SCED)


My PhD is from Oslo Metropolitan University, with an internship at Yale University