About me

I have a background in investigative sociology and insurance medicine, and have been involved in and heading several research projects 1994-2019

I am affiliated to a research group at Unit of Intervention and Implementation research   The group consists of persons from various professions with interest in musculoskeletal health.


Research description

My research his focused on risk and prognostic factors in musculoskeletal disorders, especially neck- and back pain.  A topic of special interest is the influence of person´s health expectations on recovery. I have also been co-responsible for projects in Sports Medicine.

I retired Dec 31, 2019 but is affiliated to the research group and Karolinska Institutet, since I still take part in scientifit papaers, mainly as co-author

Ongoing Projects.

Cohorts studies of risk and prognostic factors for neck, back and/or should pain and cerebral concussion

  • Stockholm Public Health Cohort – a follow-up study within Stockholm County

Research questions:

Is healthy lifestyle of importance for onset of neck/back pain in the general population? Is healthy lifestyle of importance for the prognosis of neck/back pain in the general population? Are sleep deprivations a risk factor for neck/back pain in the general population?



Associate Professor in Epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet, 2012

Doctor in Medical Science (Epidemiology), Karolinska Institutet, 2007 Doctoral thesis: ”Epidemiological Aspects on Pain in Whiplash-Associated Disorders”. Main supervisor Professor Anders Ahlbom

Bachelor of Art (BA) Investigative Sociology, Stockholm University, 2003