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Lena Bronge


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About me

Lena Bronge is a medical doctor, specialised in diagnostic radiology since 1990. Clinically she has primarily worked in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

In 2001 she graduated as PhD with her doctoral thesisMRI in dementia; brain white matter changes. Her research work has been conducted in participation with dementia-researchers at the geriatric clinic at Karolinska University hospital in Huddinge and the Aging research center (ARC). The research has focused on the importance of age-related white matter changes in the brain and their role in the development of dementia and other morbidity in the elderly population.

Clinically is Lena since 2003 working at Aleris Diagnostic at Sabbatsberg where she is working at the MRI department. She has since 2007 also had a position as adjunct senior lecturer at the CLINTEC division, KI for 20%.

Research description

Research interests The so called SNAC-K study is a large population-based project that studies about 3000 elderly individuals living in the community of Kungsholmen. Among these a subgroup of 550 individuals performs repeated MRI of the brain since 2001. All individuals have also undergone a detailed physical examination together with laboratory tests and a structured interview regarding social and life-style factors. The MRI images is being analysed regarding to volumes of different structures as well as degenerative white matter changes and MRI-diffusion. The degree of different brain changes are then correlated to the physical status and to social and life-style factors. The purpose is to gain understanding about which factors contributes to morbidity in the elderly population. In addition the normal aging process is being studied with regard to different brain structures.


Teaching interests Teaching areas is primarily about magnetic resonance imaging and its background and practical use, clinically and as a research tool. Main focus is regarding diseases in the brain white matter, both age-related and neuroinflammatory changes in MS. Lena is also a PhD-student supervisor in studies regarding age-related brain changes.

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