Research description

My research has been directed towards two different areas. Initially it was concerned with basic research on new methods for statistical analysis of simultaneous equation system, i.e. SEM or structural equation models, in particular econometric models for macroeconomics, where models were formulated as independent systems or causal chain models. Later, development and in particular applications of methods for analysis of non-experimental data has been more central. This has concerned a multitude of research projects within social science, behavioural science, public health, biomedicine and epidemiology. One of several themes has been the transition and application of statistical methods from one research area to a different area where these methods have previously not been used. Examples are methods from econometrics applied in epidemiology.

My cooperation in different research projects has therefore covered many different areas. Those projects now on the agenda are those initiated within the section for intervention and implementation research, but also clinical studies within thorax surgery, reproduction epidemiology, twin studies, growth curves for height, weight, BMI and head circumference for children and adolescents, as well as public health and indoor climate studies.


  • County councils
  • SKL

Five selected publications