Lennart Carlsson

Affiliated to research

Developing deep knowledge of multimorbidity. Changing the view from ”producing” care of diseases
to ”meeting” a person with ”all-together-illness”. Developing methods and procedures based on this view

About me

Since my PhD exam in 2005 my focus has been on the multimorbidity concept - to elucidate the phenomenon displaying the consequenses of this in primary care. This will be done through various research network dealing with

a) pain; b) elderly; c) health care system development.

Lately I have initiated a new research network: Multimorbidity, mainly in primary care.

Research description

Project title: Multimorbidity and its consequenses in primary care

Responsible for the project: Lennart Carlsson

Other researchers in the project: Interested members in research networks.


Date started: Jan 09, 2013 (ongoing)

Background: Multimorbidity is nowadays the norm within primary care. Although the organisation is fragmented.

Aim: To elucidate the phenomenon multimorbidity and to develop new knowledge and methods to handle patients in primary care more adequate.

Methods: Disseminate the point of view mainly in our research networks.

Results: A new research network on multimorbidity has been established.

Publication: Thesis about multimorbidity with three relevant articles included.