About me

I am an internal consultant and part of the communications team: KI's Internal Communications Consultants. Contact me if you are in need of help with planning your communications strategies for the web, in a newsletter or any other channels.

My assignments in the Communications Consultants Team:

Previous assignments:

Web Designer at the Centre for Research on Health Care in Disasters (KcKM).

Communications support

If you work at GPH or AIMES you are welcome to contact me for advice and support on how to communicate the right message to your target group. My main task as a Communications Officer is to provide strategic and operational communications support to management, research group leaders and administration.

I could for example help you with:

  • Planning and giving advices for your communications for a specific project or event
  • Improving existing websites
  • Text production and proof reading
  • Publishing on the web
  • Producing graphic material, such as pamphlets, flyers and posters

As the Main Web Editor at the Department of Global Public Health I have the overall responsibility for the department's website and the content of the start page. I am also the editor of the department's newsletter.

If you wish to hire a Communications Consultant for your department, please send an email to kommunikatorspoolen@ki.se.


  • Bachelor's degree in Media and Communications Science with a specialisation in Strategic Communications, Jönköping University

  • Photography and Communications, Berghs School of Communication