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Liv Thalen

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

I'm a speech and language pathologist who defended my thesis "Medical decision-making capacity among geriatric patients with and without dementia : communication-based approaches for assessment and facilitation" in March 2019 at the Division of Speech and Language Pathology, Karolinska Institutet.

In September 2019 I started a post-doc position in the CACTUS-group, led by professor Louise Nygård, at the Division of Occupational Therapy, KI. Together with several other researchers and graduate students, I now work within the project "Participation in places and activities in public space as perceived by people with cognitive impairment".

Research description


Thalén, L. (2019) Medical decision-making capacity in geriatric patients with and without dementia: communication-based approaches. Doktorsavhandling, Karolinska institutet, Stockholm.

Thalén, L., Heimann Mühlenbock K., Almkvist, O., Eriksdotter, M., Sundström, E. & Tallberg, I.-M. (2017) Do adapted vignettes improve medical decision-making capacity for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease? Scandinavian Journal of Psychology

Thalén L., Almkvist O., Tallberg I.-M. (2016) How do patients with cognitive impairment communicate during discharge meetings? Evaluation of Participation Using Talking Mats. Journal of Speech Pathology and Therapy

Tallberg, I.-M., Stormoen, S., Thalén, L. (2015) Stöd och hjälp till vuxna vid ställningstaganden till vård, omsorg och forskning. Statens offentliga utredningar 2015:80. Del 2, bilaga 4, ”Stöd till personer med nedsatt beslutsförmåga att kunna fatta egna beslut och att vara delaktiga.” 

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