About me

I am a final year PhD candidate and a junior doctor (leg. läkare). My research focuses on long-term outcomes of the congenital malformation hypospadias. Most of my studies are epidemiological, register-based studies using national Swedish registers. I also teach medical students at Karolinska Institutet in professional development (Professionell utveckling) and epidemiology (course Medicinsk vetenskaplig metodologi).


Research description

I am currently a PhD student in Professor Agneta Nordenskjölds research group with a project entitled Lifelong health and well-being in men born with hypospadias. Main supervisor: Anna Skarin Nordenvall. I completed my half-time seminar in February 2021. 



Fertility in men with hypospadias: A nationwide register-based study using dizygotic twinning rates as an indicator of semen quality.

Phillips L,  Lundholm C,  Örtqvist L,  Almqvist C,  Nordenskjold A,  Nordenvall AS. Andrology 2021 9;3 810-816

Increased androgen-related comorbidity in adolescents and adults born with hypospadias: A population-based study

Phillips L,  Lundholm C,  Kvist U,  Almqvist C,  Nordenskjöld A,  Skarin Nordenvall A. Andrology 2022 10;7 1376-1386

A qualitative content analysis of the experience of hypospadias care: The importance of owning your own narrative.

Phillips L, Dennermalm N, Örtqvist L, Engberg H, Holmdahl G, Fossum M, Möller A, Nordenskjöld A. Front Pediatr. 2023 Feb 17;11:1118586.



Clinical Scientist Training Programme (CSTP) at Karolinska Institutet, 2017

Research Internship (Forskar-AT) at Karolinska Institutet, 2019

H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Lovisas förening för barnasjukvård

Sällskapet Barnavård


Medical degree, MD (Läkarexamen), 2018