Louise Bergman.

Louise Bergman

Project coordinator


On leave of absence.

About me

On leave of absence, please contact my colleagues at evaluation@ki.se or research group leader Terese Stenfors.

I am a part of the Evaluation Unit (EVAL) and the research group Learning in Health Care Contexts at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME). My main area of interest is psychometrics and measuring the psychological phenomena with the help of surveys.

A large part of my work is comissioned by the Board of Higher Education and in that work I develop surveys to measure educational quality as perceived by the students as well as analysing the results and present them to the Board.

I also lead and consult projects regarding giving advice to researchers, educators, interest organisations and others who needs help developing and conduct surveys as well as analyse and present the results.

Research description

My research regards psychometric investigation of course evaluation to better understand what the measure (validity) and how reliable they are (reliability). Current projects involve:

  • Factors affecting the response rate of course evaluations
  • Development of a validation model for course evaluation
  • Development of a model for investigation of response rate bias in course evaluations
  • What type of open questions lead to constructive answers from students


  • Structural Equational Modelling using Mplus, Utrecht Univeristy, 2017
  • Master's degree in psychology, Stockholm University (2016)
  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, Stockholm University (2014)