About me

I have a PhD in medical science and a bachelor's degree in economics. Currently I am as a post-doctoral research fellow working in a multidisciplinary research groups called Mente, headed by Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz, at the division of insurance medicine. I defended my thesis entitled “Unemployment and sick leave at a young age and associations with future health and work” in March 2015. The thesis dealt with the relationship between periods of long-term unemployment and long-term sickness and subsequent labour market marginalisation and mortality. 

Research description

From February 1, 2019, I am the principal investigater for a four-year AFA-funded project, "Hyperactivity disorders among young adults in the private sector - how does diagnosis and medication affect later employment and sickness absence?" Hyperactivity disorders such as ADHD have increased sharply among young adults and the overall aim of the project is to investigate how work engagement and sick leave have changed over time among young adults (19-29 years) diagnosed with ADHD. An important sub study will investigate whether work engagement is affected by ADHD medication?


Since July 1, 2020, I am the project manager for a project funded by AFA that investigates work attachment among people with depression, anxiety and stress-related illnesses and the role psychological treatment and drug treatment play in the possibility of being able to work.


In addition, I am involved in several projects that are related to labour market marginalisation, i.e. difficulties in getting and keeping a job, both among immigrants and people with mental illness. Depression, anxiety and stress disorders are common among immigrants and can create a vulnerable situation on the labor market that can lead to periods of sick leave and often sickness benefits (early retirement). I am part of REMAIN, which is a collaboration between researchers in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Austria and which investigates young immigrants. I am also involved in a Forte-funded program at Uppsala University with Magnus Svartengren as principal investigator, which investigates work attachment and health among immigrants of working age.


In addition to this, I have several projects at the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences at Uppsala University, including a project where we examine work attachment among young people diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and one that is a ten-year follow-up of an intervention for long-term sick leave (Vitalis).