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Maike Winters

Maike Winters

Graduate Student

About me

In my PhD project, I have the chance to combine my background in journalism and communication with global health and epidemiology. My research centers around risk communication and infectious disease outbreaks, with a special focus on the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. At KI I am also involved in science communication research, investigating the influence of press releases from medical universities on media articles.

Apart from my work at KI, I am an Ignorance Hunter at the Gapminder Foundation. I help to develop and test new fact questions around global trends, hunting topics where chimpanzees outsmart humans.

Research description


Risk Communication and Ebola-Specific Knowledge and Behaviour during 2014-2015 Outbreak, Sierra Leone

Winters M, Jalloh MF, Sengeh P, Jalloh MB, Conteh L, Bunnell R, Li W, Zeebari Z, Nordenstedt H. 

Emerging Infectious Diseases 2018;24(2):336-344

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