Mari Lundberg

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About me

I am an associate professor in physiotherapy (PhD in Orthopaedics) and holds a position as university lecturer. 

I am a registered physiotherapist since 1992, and are formally specialised in orthopaedics since 2005. I have a clinical appointment to the Department of Orthopaedics at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg. 



Research description

My research field is pain and the clinical application of pain management. I run my own research group called "Back in Motion". The research group is an international group with interdisciplinary collaborators. 

The largest project at present is "PREPARE - Person centred prehabilitation physical therapy for persons who are to undergo surgery for severe low back pain – a randomized controlled trial". This project is funded from The Swedish Research Council (VR), Eurospine Research Grants and AFA Funding. 


How does kinesiophobia change over time and in relation to gender in patients with acute coronary artery disease?

Bäck M, Lundberg M, Cider Å, Herlitz J, Jansson B.

Accepted for publication in Physical Therapy, August 2015.

Predictors of attendance at exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation with special reference to kinesiophobia in patients with coronary artery disease. 

Bäck M, Cider Å, Herlitz J, Lundberg M, Jansson B.​

Accepted for Physiotherapy in theory and practice, May 2015

Move the fear away!  - Things to consider when applying the knowledge and principles of the cognitive fear-avoidance model into sports medicine. 

Lundberg M.

Accepted for publication in Sportsphysio, (In German), March 2015. 























Women on sick leave - participation in encounters with rehabilitation stakeholders.

Erkmar E, Dahlin-Ivanoff S, Lundberg M.

Advances in Physiotherapy. 2010;12(4):201-7.

A psychometric evaluation of the Swedish version of the Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia (TSK) – from a physiotherapeutic perspective. 

Lundberg M, KE, Styf J, Carlsson SG.

Physiother Theory Pract. 2004; 20: 121-133.

Teaching portfolio

I have been involved in university teaching since 2008. In addition I have been involved in interprofessional clinical teaching, nationally and internationally. 

During 2008-2010 I was employed as University Lecturer at the physical therapy program at Karolinska Institutet. During 2011-2012 I was employed at the physical therapy program at the University of Gothenburg. During 2012-2014 I was director of Studies at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences (Vårdalinstitutet), which was a national postgraduate research school that was directed towards interdisciplinary research within the sphere of health care and social service.




2012  Associate Professor in Physiotherapy, GU

2006  PhD in Medicine (orthopaedics), GU

2005  Certified Specialist in Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics

2005  Bachelor of Science in Psychology, GU

2001  Master of Medical Science with a major in Physical Therapy, KI

1997  Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, KI

1992  University Certificate in Physical Therapy, Gothenburg College of Health and Caring Sciences

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