About me

I am a medical doctor with a Master in Public Health and around 15 years’ experience in humanitarian work in sub-Saharan Africa as a clinician, technical assistant and researcher. My main focus has been on how health systems can work for the most disadvantaged in low-income settings, particularly women and children.

I am now studying how poorer women use childbirth services in rural sub-Saharan Africa, and how health services can best contribute to serving all women. In the past I participated and coordinated in research projects on quality and coverage of maternal/newborn care in Tanzania, Uganda, as part of development interventions. I have a specific interest in primary health care. Additional research experience in high income country contexts.

Main areas of experience are in maternal/new-born, paediatric, HIV, TB and refugee health.


PhD candidate (presently), Athena Institute, Vrije University, NL & ITM, Antwerp, BE

Master in Public Health, LSHTM, UK

Specialization in Oncology, Milan State University, IT

Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Milan State University, IT

Bachelor of Science Biochemistry, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London University, UK