About me

I am a nurse specialist in children and adolescents. I have worked in pediatric cancer care at Karolinska University Hospital, now Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital, since 1977. My various functions in pediatric cancer care have been divided into 10-year periods: nurse at the ward; outpatient nurse; consultant nurse; and now education and research. Over the years, I have been particularly interested in the social lives of children during ongoing treatment for cancer and in 1977 I started the National network of consultant nurses in Swedish pediatric cancer care and was until 2014 its leader.

My dissertation on childhood cancer, school and infections took place in 2011. Today, I combine care development work at the pediatric cancer unit with the responsibility for the National education in paediatric oncology nursing at KI and research in clinical ethics in Pernilla Pergert's Childhood Cancer Healthcare Research Group at KI.

In collaboration with paediatric oncology nurses from the other Nordic countries I started the society of Nordic paediatric oncology nurses (NOBOS) in. One of the initiators and member of the board of the Nordic Society of Pediatric Oncology Nurses (NOBOS)

Areas of interest / competence: pediatric oncology nursing / care science and clinical ethics.

Research description

I am part of the Childhood cancer health care research group, where I conduct research in clinical ethics with a focus on the ethical climate and moral distress. Together with Pernilla Pergert, I have translated and culturally adapted questionnaires about the ethical climate (HECS-S) and moral distress (MDS-R) into Swedish, later translated and culturally adapted to the other Nordic languages (Finnish, Danish, Icelandic and Norwegian), and used in a Nordic study in childhood cancer care.

Teaching portfolio

Over the years, I have taught pediatric oncology nursing and quantitative methods at for example the specialist educations on children/adolescents and oncology for nurses and is, since 2012 in charge of the national education in "Pediatric oncology care for nurses" (30credits), carried out in collaboration with the executive and professional education at KI and the Childhood Cancer Foundation.


  • University pedagogics for teachers and supervisors in work-based education (7,5 hp), KI, 2020.
  • University diploma in Pediatric oncology care (30 hp), Karolinska Institutet, 2015.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Dep. of Neurobiology, Care Science & Society, (NVS), KI, 2011.
  • 2007 Degree of Master of Health for Children and Adolescents (MSc, 60hp), Dep. of Women´s and Children´s Health (KBH) 2007.
  • Degree of Bachelor with a Major in Nursing, (180hp) Sophiahemmet High School , 2005.
  • Degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc), Pediatric Nursing (60hp), Karolinska Institutet, (KI).1981.
  • Registered Nurse, (157,5 hp) Sophiahemmet School for Nurses, Stockholm, 1977.