About me

Margareta Wilhelm is an Associate Professor of Tumor Biology at the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell biology. She graduated from Umeå University with a M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and received her Ph.D. in Experimental Oncology in 2003 from Karolinska Institutet, followed by post-doctoral training at the Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute, Toronto, Canada. Dr. Wilhelm has been awarded an Assistant Professor position from the Swedish Research Council and a Young Investigator Award from the Swedish Cancer Society and currently holds a Faculty funded senior researcher position from Karolinska Institutet.

Research description

The Wilhelm lab focuses on understanding mechanisms regulating tumor initiation and progression with a specific interest in the tumor microenvironment and infiltrating immune cells. The lab is using transgenic models, cellular reprogramming, stem cells, and organoids to model tumor development.



Teaching portfolio

Docent in Tumor Biology

Program Director research education program in Tumor Biology and Oncology (FoTO)

Study Director Elective track in Tumor Biology Biomedicine Master program

Course Organizer and Teacher Biomedicine Master program