Mari Liljefors

Education coordinator

Course administrator for biomedicine (BA, MA), and facilitates/administrate a PhD course "Quality Assurance in Clinical Research".

About me

Canvas Champion for MedS, Working with Digital Examination Inspera

Currently working as an education coordinator/course administrator for the biomedicine courses - Molecular Medicine - Cardiometabolic Diseases and Infectious Diseases (15 credits) (BA), and Frontiers in Biomedicine (10.5 credits) (MA).  I also facilitate/administer a PhD course Quality Assurance of Clinical Research (1.5 credits).

20 years in the pharmaceutical/medical device industry in Europe - Marketing Director, Communications Director


Stockholm Business School - Masters in Social Sciences (Marketing, Management)

Kobe University of Foreign Studies - Bachelor in Art (major English / American)

ONL 2014 (Online Network Learning) , Teaching and learning in higher education, distance (GHPD) 2020 at KI