About me

I work as Consultant of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at Södersjukhuset, with focus on intensive care. I graduated in 2017 with the thesis Treatment of septic patients-fluid, blood and timing of antibiotics. Since 2013, I have worked with Prof Anders Perner's research group in Copenhagen. I did a research visit in 2017 at Prof Rinaldo Bellomo's hospital in Melbourne, where I studied the physiological effects of a fluid bolus. I am the main supervisor for three doctoral students (Olof Wall, Sandra Jonmarker, Jens Christensen) and co-supervisor for three doctoral students (Anca Balintescu, Anna Augustsén and Cristian Duré).

Research description

My research is focused on sepsis treatment; the chain of care, early detection and fluid therapy as well as clinical fluid therapy, perioperatively and in intensive care. Current studies: The safety of peripherally administered norepinephrine during surgery, NCT 03695445. A prospective study of doctors' expectations of the hemodynamic effects of a fluid bolus in intensive care patients, NCT03178578. A cohort study of sepsis at the emergency department at Södersjukhuset: Incidence, compliance with guidelines and outcomes, NCT04055727. Fluid treatment for septic patients, NCT03811483. I am the national coordinator of the CLASSIC study, a randomized clinical trial of restrictive fluid therapy to patients in septic shock, NCT03668236, which we also perform at Södersjukhuset. I am responsible for research and education at the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at Södersjukhuset, and work on supporting new research initiatives. Current projects at the department are health-related quality of life after intensive care, extended physiotherapy after intensive care, increased monitoring of patients in the ward, emergency airway management, treatment of patients with diabetes in the intensive care unit, development of abdominal wall blocks, blood transfusions to pregnant women and cardiac arrest after intoxications. During the pandemic we have concentrated our research efforts on treatment of critically ill patients with Covid-19.