About me

I am an associate professor in health informatics and a senior lecturer in implementation science at the Uppsala MedTech Science & Innovation Centre. During 2019/2020 I was a Keane OpenNotes Scholar and a visiting Lecturer on Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

At Uppsala University, I am teaching at the Bachelor’s Programme in Biomedical Engineering, and am engaged in EIT Health Campus activities. 2020 I was awarded the title “Excellent Teacher” at Uppsala University.

Research description

My research has focused on user-centered systems that support collaboration and patient empowerment. As a member of the DOME research consortium I have explored the impact of patients’ access to their electronic health records (including notes) through the national Swedish patient portal. As the Chair of the Swedish Medical Informatics Association (SFMI), I represent Sweden in the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) general assembly. I chair the EFMI Working Group “Citizen Health Data”.

Teaching portfolio

I have also served as director of studies and program director for the Global Master’s Program in Health Informatics between 2014 and 2018, and remains affiliated to the Health Informatics Centre at LIME.