Marjan Abbasi

About me

I completed my Master in Molecular Life Sciences at Stockholm University in 2014. After that, I worked as a research student at KI and gained experience in mass spectrometry.

Research description

I joined Victoria’s lab in mid 2015. My doctoral project focuses on the asymmetric inheritance of yeast centrosomes. My main interest in this project is mapping the protein posttranslational modifications (phosphorylation, sumoylation, ubiquitination) that occur in mother and daughter centrosomes. To this end, I am developing new methods to separate the centrosomes at different ages. In my research, I will employ different techniques (such as advanced microscope, yeast genetics, protein purification and mass spectrometry) to determine the role of these protein posttranslational modifications in centrosome inheritance. I aim to find new pathways and mechanisms that control the asymmetric division of centrosome.