About me

I have a degree in statistics from Stockholms University. I work as a statistician in the research group Health Economics and Policy, led by Professor Clas Rehnberg. I have been working in the research group since 2014, I'm also employed by the Stockholm city council.

The research group is focused on register based research, analysis of health systems organization and performance as well as productivity and efficiency of health care.

Research description

  • Follow-up on the Swedish primary health care reform “Vårdval” (Consumer choice)
  • Mapping cross border patients health care utilization at highly specialized departments at the Karolinska University Hospital; a collaboration project with the Karolinska University Hospital
  • Creating continued care episodes for different disease groups, e.g. patients with stroke

Teaching portfolio

Excel workshop in the master’s programme in Public Health Science- Track Health Economics, Policy and Management, Karolinska Institute, October 2014 and 2015


I have a BSc in Statistics and a BSc in Urban and Regional Planning, both from Stockholms University.
I started the masterprogramme in statistics at Stockholm University in 2014.