About me

Experienced Immunologist working on translational projects with the basis in pre-clinical science.

Current position: Research Group Leader, Associate Professor.

Particular interest in: Infection and Immunology; Innate Immune Responses; Acute and Chronic Tissue Inflammation and Pathology; Tissue Engineering.

Currently leading and managing several pre-clinical research projects. From May 1st 2019 this includes the participation in the two interanational projects, PerAID and PERMIT, which focus on Personalized Medicine in Infectious Diseases.

Research description

The current focus of my research is based on tissue infection and immunology with patient-oriented studies. We are exploring host-pathogen interactions shaping innate immune responses at the tissue site. For this purpose, we develop and customize immunocompetent 3D-tissue (organotypic) models with varying cellular complexity. At present this involves development of an organotypic skin model with a stroma (fibroblasts) matrix layer, adipocytes, a stratified epithelium and hematopoietic phagocyte cells. The research projects now principally concentrate on unraveling tissue-specific pathways controlling human monocyte/macrophage and neutrophil functions in response to bacterial toxins. The research aims at advancing our insight into mechanisms regulating immune responses during infection and inflammation, and to promote implementation of Personalized Medicine in Infectious Diseases. Additional research projects include studies on the impact of fibroblasts on phagocyte cells (monocytes/dendritic cells) in chronic inflammatory granulomatous diseases, including tuberculosis and inflammatory bowel disease.  A more complete understanding of phagocyte cell regulation in tissue has the potential to identify pathways targetable in new treatment methods both in infections and inflammatory diseases.


1995, MSc in Biology (Immunology), Lund University.

2000, Doctoral Degree (PhD), Immunology, Lunds Universitet.

2010, Associate professor (Docent), Immunology, Karolinska Institutet.

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