About me

I am a docent and an orthopaedic surgeon at Danderyd University Hospital. In addition to my clinical profile I have a background in programming. I've been toying around with different projects in a multitude of languages since mid 90:s where the statistical programming language R lies very close to heart as I've been in the Stockholm R-User Group since 2013 and have 4 published R-packages. My most downloaded package, htmlTable, is downloaded more than 100 000 times/month. You can find all of my open-source contributions on GitHub. I also have a research blog, G-forge, where I try to post random things that I find interesting whenever I find the time.


Research description

My main research interests are currently epidemiology and machine learning where I'm one of the co-founders of teh Clinical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CAIR-Lab). The lab is a unique environment for clinicians to develop clinical AI-driven applications. It is a meeting place for all medical fields with the sole purpose of taking AI-research all the way from idea to the patient.

I wrote my thesis in 2014 on how patient factors influence outcomes after total hip replacements. It was a wonderful collaboration with the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register that work spurred my interest in advanced statistics and that then led me towards AI and deep learning. My current focus is primarily on interpreting radiographs using deep learning where try to find features beyond just fracture detection that can be used to guide clinicians and help patients.

My primary motivator is to bridge the gap between research and implementation - too many good papers fail too reach the benefit of the patients. I am certain of that this is not a lack of will but a lack of proper tooling. AI has the potential to change this and I hope that my research will be a part of this change.