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Melle Säve-Söderbergh

About me

I am a PhD-student at the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) at Karolinska Institutet since January 2016. My main supervisor is Agneta Åkesson at IMM and co-supervisor is Jonas Toljander and Salomon Sand at the National Food Agency in Sweden.

Research description

The Formas financed project ”An interdisciplinary evaluation of combined health risks related to drinking water consumption for children and pregnant women” will run during a three year period, starting in 2016. The research question originate from fact that drinking water never face only one potential hazard and the urgent need for increased knowledge on how to the assess multidisciplinary risks. Due to the properties of drinking water production and distribution in Sweden, and the fact that most inhabitants in Sweden consume tap water on a daily basis, drinking water is ideal for evaluating requirements needed for multidisciplinary risk assessment. The overall aim of this project is to generate new knowledge of combined chemical and microbial drinking water related health risks for fetuses and children, the most sensitive group for these exposures, by using a common unit for assessing the risks. Two of the main parts in the study is to assess the risk of developmental defects related to drinking water chlorination, by using data from several Swedish health related registers; and to assess the risk of drinking water related gastrointestinal illness among children by using data from several Swedish cohorts on drinking water related gastroenteritis.

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