About me

I did my bachelor's in Animal physiology and Neuroscience as a combined program in France and Canada. I completed my master's in Neuroscience in France at the University of Montpellier. During my master's, I did my thesis work in the group of Pr.Agneta Nordberg.

Research description

The focus of my PhD is to trace Tau pathology in different dementia diseases grouped in the term of tauopathies. This term includes dementias such as Alzheimer´s disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or Fronto-Temporal dementia. Our translational group focuses mainly on Positron Emission Tomography technique (PET). ​The need is to find PET tracers which could be used in clinic for a clear diagnosis and differentiate between these dementias. For my PhD, I mainly work on the characterisation and understanding of the binding properties of newly designed PET tracers to determine their ability to target specifically Tau protein in pathological brains compared to healthy brains as well as other characteristic hallmarks such as inflammation and amyloid deposition. To do so, I perform binding assays studies on postmortem human brain tissue, immunostaining as well as a unique technique in our lab which is autoradiography with 100 um thick large frozen human brain sections.