About me

My PhD project focuses on the concept of health system resilience and lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden with a specific focus on emergency preparedness plans. By analyzing the experiences and outcomes of managing the COVID-19 pandemic, the research will identify successful aspects and areas for improvements of the preparedness plans. By understanding these factors, the research project can provide recommendations and guidelines for future preparedness planning and strengthening the health systems ability to handle future health crises.

Prior to my PhD I worked as a management consultant at Sirona Health Solutions, a Scandinavian firm partnering with public providers and private companies in the healthcare sector. In this role I worked with several governmental authorities and regions in Sweden and with private companies, providing strategic advice and conducting analyses on complex public health issues to inform stakeholders and policymakers.


Master's degree, Health Economics, Policy and Management, Karolinska Institutet

Bachelor's degree, Public Health, University of Miami, FL, USA