Nikita Singh

Systems engineer

Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) Application Experts at Karolinska Institutet-Medical Image Processing and ML & AI

About me

Doctorate Ph.D. (2019) in computer science & engineering with the specialization in Image Processing, Computer vision & Machine learning, dissertation: Segmentation and classification of Brain Tumor MRI images.

PostDoc from Research institute of Sweden AB (RISE) västerås 2019-2020 (Image analysis of Inspection and quality control by ML & AI). Second PostDoc from Umeå University 2020-2021 (Image processing/analysis of medical data as well as manufacturing dairy chemical images using ML & AI ).2022 SNIC Application experts at Karolinska Institutet (CLINTECH)-FoTunit-CF SMILE, affiliated to the Royal Institute of Technology (School of technology and health).

Research description

Research interest:

Examples from the research's central areas with focus on automation and Processing of various type of healthcare/Medical or Chemical Imaging Data techniques by using Pre-Processing and Processing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have captivate the healthcare industry as these innovative analytics strategies become more accurate and applicable to a variety of tasks. AI is increasingly helping to uncover hidden insights into clinical decision-making, predictive analysis, extract and detect meaning from previously inaccessible, unstructured image data.

Teaching portfolio

Tutoring Masters and Bachelor students image processing Laboratory’s as well as research assistantship in Ph.D. Later as s research fellow tutoring base-groups, lecturing, question times and in-depth-studies for healthcare and Processing industrial students within  Image Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence Techniques at Swedish university’s and Industries.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

  1. INTERSCIENCE SCHOLASTIC AWARD IRNET  for the Best Paper Presentation/Content in the Track with Medal-2012.
  2. All India Rank: University Grants Commission (Government ministry of India)-2012
  3. European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematic selection- 2019