Niklas Långström, associate professor Karolinska institutet

Niklas Långström

Affiliated to research

Experienced associate professor & psychiatrist
Towards better understanding & interventions in mental illness & violence

About me

Professor (associate)

Professor of child & adolescent psychiatry, Uppsala University, 2016-2018

Professor of psychiatric epidemiology, KI, 2010-2016

Child & adolescent psychiatrist & Medical officer, National Board of Health & Welfare

Research description

I study developmental pathways and correlates of mental disorders in children and adults. I am particularly interested in causal mechanisms, risk assessment, and prevention of interpersonal violence.

I have a general interest in how to conduct proper systematic reviews of the effectiveness of medical and psychosocial interventions against psychiatric disorder, and specifically regarding violent and sexual offending. 

Some current research projects address pedophilic disorder, the evaluation of several new interventions against violent and problematic or abusive sexual behavior, and inpatient child psychiatric treatment (including coercion).

In addition to colleagues at the Karolinska Institutet; MEB and the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, I collaborate with professionals at the Department of Forensic Psychiatry in Oxford, UK.