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Nils Landegren

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Research description

My research is focused on understanding mechanisms and improving means for diagnosis of autoimmune disease.

Autoantibodies as markers of disease. We are using proteome arrays to characterize autoantibody responses and to identify biomarkers. We are also developing targeted antigen panels to support clinical diagnostics of autoimmune disorders. 

One of the autoantigens we have identified, transglutaminase 4, is a prostate-specific member of the transglutaminase protein family. Previous studies have identified other members of this protein family as autoantigens in distinct autoimmune disorders. Inspired by this, we now pursue remaining transglutaminases as candidate autoantigens.

Sex differences in immunity and disease. Women face a four-fold higher risk of developing an autoimmune disorder compared to men. As a means to understand the role of sex hormones, we follow men and women undergoing sex change with blood and fecal sampling before and at different time points during cross-sex hormone therapy. Multiple omics technologies are combined to achieve a broad view of how male and female hormones regulate the immune system. 


Financial support

Swedish Research Council

Karolinska Institutet doctoral student funding (KID)

Swedish Society of Medicine

Swedish Society for Medical Research

Crafoord foundation

Swedish Association of Endocrinologists

Åke Wiberg foundation

Groschinsky foundation

Marcus Borgström foundation

Selander foundation

Magnus Bergvall foundation

Tore Nilson foundation


Licenced physician 2018

PhD 2015, Uppsala University

MD 2011, Uppsala University

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Swedish Research Council postdoc-grant

Swedish Society for Medical Research Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2018

The Swedish Association of Endocrinologists’ Research Stipend of the Year, 2017

The Crafoord Stipend, 2016

Benzeliusbelöning, from the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala, 2015

Best Thesis award from the Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University, 2015

Thesis of the Year from The Swedish Association of Endocrinologists, 2015

SciLifeLab Scientific Highlight, recognizing Landegren et al. Science Translational Medicine 2015

Swedish Society for Medical Research Travel grant for exchange to Stanford University, 2012

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