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Marja-Päivikki Aarne

Lecturer, adjunct

About me

My current position is a clinical speech and language pathologist at the Function Area Speech and Language Pathology (former Speech and Language Pathology Clinic) within the area of communication and language development and disorders in children. My clinical work has two main foci; organizing and leading different types of support programs for parents with children with communicative and language difficulties, and carrying out communicative and language evaluation as a part of a multi-disciplinary team assessment of children with suspect disorders within autism spectrum.

  • Degree in Speech and Language Pathology 1989, Karolinska Institutet.
  • Doctoral Degree in Speech and Language Pathology 2015 at the Institution of Clinical Science, Intervention, and Technology, Division of Speech and Language Pathology, Karolinska Institutet. The title of the thesis: Self and other – socioemotional aspect of development in children with language impairment.
  • Post-doc position at the Institution of Women’s and Children’s Health at Karolinska Institutet since Januari 2016 in a research project that concerns an early intensive intervention program for families with babies with suspect cerebral palsy. The project includes intensive training program of motor skills as well as communicative intervention in home environment.
  • Affiliated to the division of Speech and Language Pathology, since January 2017 as adjunct lecturer.
  • Basic training in child and adolescent psychotherapy, 2004, at Erica Foundation, Stockholm.


Research description


Research area

My research area concerns child and context specific factors in various clinical groups of children with communicative and language disorders (children with language impairment, autism spectrum disorder, neurodevelopmental disorders, cerebral palsy) in comparison with children with typical development.


International research collaboration

Currently part of an interdisciplinary joint project in collaboration with the University of Illinois (Professor Laura de Thorne) focusing on motor function in children with autism.



  • Aarne, P & Tallberg, IM. (2010). Visual check back in children with Language Impairment. Journal of Pragmatics, 42:3106-3113.
  • Aarne, P., Almkvist, O., Risholm Mothander, P. & Tallberg, IM. (2013). Parent-rated socio-emotional development in children with language impairment in comparison with typically developed children. European Journal of Developmental Psychology,
  • Eliasson, A-C, Holmström, L., Aarne, P., Nakeva von Mentzer, C., Weiland, A-L, Sjöstrand, L., Forssberg, H. & Löving, K. (2016). Efficacy of the small step program in a randomized controlled trial for infants below age 12 months with clinical signs of CP; a study protocol. BMC Pediatrics 16:175, DOI 10.1186/s12887-016-9711-x.

Teaching portfolio

Teaching area

I am involved in teaching at the Speech and Language Pathology Program at KI in courses concerned with language impairment in children; development of pragmatic skills, pragmatic disorders, and communication based intervention in autism.

Course coordinator together with professor Anette Lohmander of a course in early adverse conditions related to communication and swallowing.

Coordinator of child observations included in continuous professional development training track.

Supervision and examination of master theses for the degree in speech and language pathology.

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