About me

I came to SÖS in 1986 and i have been working at the Emergency department, department of Medicine and at the department of Cardiology. In 1998 I was also the first head nurse at the Clinical education ward (KUA) at SÖS. Between 2007-2013 I was also expert in Cardiovascular nursing for the Board of heart and vessels diseases in Stockholms läns landsting.

My interest in research began attending a lecture in nursing science at a course in heart failure. Today I am doing clinical work as a nurse 40%, Contnuing my research on 30% and also teach at KI 30% (undergraduate and specialized programmes for nurses).

Research description

My thesis contained studies on patients with heart failure and self-care behaviour and management with focus on interactive patient education and remote monitoring. A qualitative study, focusing patients perception of remonte monitoring, was also included in my thesis. After my dissertation I have been involved i new studies where we are testing if computer tablets can be used in order to strenghten self-care behaviour. 


Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1991

Masters degree in Nursing 2006

PhD (medical science) 2012