Pauliina Damdimopoulou


About me

I’m a biologist with training in biochemistry, food chemistry and cell biology with a keen research interest in the effects of endocrine active environmental substances on human health. My research group is located at CLINTEC (Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology).

I obtained my PhD education in Finland. In my thesis work I studied how dietary lignans (fiber associated polyphenolic compounds) and cadmium (toxic metal) affect estrogen signalling. I carried out my first postdoc in a small start-up company in Paris developing a transgenic fish model for the detection of androgen activity of chemicals. For my second postdoc I moved my focus from chemicals to early development, and spent three years studying development of pre-implantation mouse embryos and maturation of human ovarian follicles at Karolinska Institute.

Since 2014 I’m an independent senior researcher.

Research description

I’m interested in the impact of endocrine disruptive chemicals on fertility in women with a special focus on the ovary. My research has four main focus areas:

1) Identification of chemicals and their mixtures that associate to decreased fertility in women living in Sweden

2) Assessment of effects of chemical exposures on ovarian follicles using in vitro cell and follicle culture models as well as patient samples

3) Mapping human foetal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals

4) Unravelling cell populations in human ovaries as a function of age

Teaching portfolio

I’m a docent in endocrine physiology (2015, University of Turku, Finland) with teaching experience from various MSc and PhD courses at Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University (communication courses, basic molecular biology laboratory training courses, regenerative medicine journal club, and lectures on endocrine disruptive chemicals and female fertility).

I have supervised several undergraduate students through their practical laboratory training, as well as M.Sc. thesis projects. I’m currently the main supervisor of two PhD students.


2005 MSc in Biochemistry and Food chemistry, University of Turku, Finland

2008 PhD in Cell biology, University of Turku, Finland. Thesis title "Modulation of estrogen signaling by enterolactone and its dietary sources"

2015 Docent in Endocrine physiology, University of Turku, Finland

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