About me

I'm a PhD student at the unit of System Toxicology at the Institute of Environmental Medicine under supervision of Dr Nanna Fyhrquist. My background is in biomedicine and toxicology, and I got my BSc in Biomedicine 2017 and my MSc in Toxicology 2019, both from Karolinska Institutet. During my master I performed the studies for my master thesis at the National University of Singapore.

The research in my doctoral project aims to identify biomarkers and mechanisms for improved diagnostics and treatment of contact dermatitis, with a particular focus on the discrimination between the allergic and irritant form of the disease. 


Machine-learning-driven biomarker discovery for the discrimination between allergic and irritant contact dermatitis.
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Integrative transcriptome analysis deciphers mechanisms of nickel contact dermatitis.
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Identification of novel miRNA-mRNA regulatory networks in contact dermatitis by integrated microarray analysis.
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Interplay between skin microbiota and immunity in atopic individuals.
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