Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman

Professor/senior physician

About me

Peter Bergman is a Professor of Clinical Immunology at the Department of Laboratory Medicine since 2022. His research deals with the role of the immune system in various infectious conditions, where basic research is combined with clinical projects around congenital immune defects.

Peter Bergman got his medical degree at KI and graduated in 2001. He began his doctoral studies directly after his medical degree and combined this with research AT at Karolinska University Hospital. In 2005, he completed his dissertation on a basic science thesis on antimicrobial peptides and infections in the central nervous system. He then began his clinical training and became a specialist in clinical microbiology in 2013.

He was appointed associate professor in clinical microbiology the same year and was subsequently granted a 6-year clinical research position from the Swedish Research Council and was employed as a university lecturer at KI in 2016. After 10 years in clinical microbiology, he returned to clinical work and since 2017 has been working on the immunodeficiency unit at the infectious disease clinic at Karolinska University Hospital.

Since 2018, Peter Bergman has been responsible for basic education at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and is also a teacher representative at the Committee for Education at KI.