About me

I am an Associate Professor at the Division of Physiotherapy, Department of NVS, KI, and my research concerns physical activity and sports medicine. In 2017, I defended my thesis titled "Injuries, risk factors, consequences and injury perceptions in adolescent elite athletes". In 2018-2020 I did my postdoc at KI and have thereafter combined research with teaching. I have high competence in data analysis and a specialist degree in physiotherapy.

Research description

My research focus is in the area of physical activity and sports medicine. I study a) the association between physical activity and risk of diseases, b) how to spend the day in terms of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleeping with different health outcomes, c) interventions to reduce the risk of injuries in youth athletes. My research combines epidemiology, method development and intervention research with advanced statistical methods.

I have been successful as a principal applicant in receiving grants from SFO-V, AFA, Cancerfonden, Centrum för Idrottsforskning. I am the main supervisor for two PhD-students and co-supervisor for two PhD-students. I am active in the research group "Physical activity and Sports medicine with focus on prevention".


2017 PhD

2013 Master in Medical Science

Academic honours, awards and prizes

2019 Top downloaded publication 2018-2019 in Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports

2018 2nd place Best Paper Award 2018 in European Journal of Sports Science