Philip Von Rosen


About me

I am a PostDoc at the Division of Physiotherapy, Department of NVS, KI.  I defended my thesis titled “Injuries, risk factors, consequences and injury perceptions in adolescent elite athletes” in 2017 and have thereafter combined research and teaching with clinical work. 

Research description

My research focus is in the area of physical activity and sports medicine. During my postdoctoral fellowship, I am involved in several projects exploring the association between objectively assessed physical activity and health measures. My research combines epidemiology, method development and intervention research.

In sports medicine I am involved in the KASIP-study (Karolinska Athlete Screening Injury Prevention), aiming to understand injury occurrence and associated risk factors for injury in Swedish adolescent elite athletes. I also work with a RCT aiming to prevent injuries in elite orienteerers.

I belong to the research group "Physical activity and Sports medicine with focus on prevention"

Teaching portfolio

My teaching is primarily in the Physiotherapy program and Master program. Supervising Master and Bachelor students project. Lecturing in data analysis and human movement.


2017: PhD

2013: Master in Medical Science

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