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Per Svensson

Lecturer/senior physician

About me

Senior lecturer at the department of KI-Sös, specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, consultant at the Department of Cardiology, Södersjukhuset.  Main supervisor to 4 Ph. D. students, co supervisor to 4 Ph. D. students, supervised over 30 degree projects on the Study programme in Medicine. 

Research description

Clinical scientist with a broad interest in hypertension, cardiovascular and emergency medicine. A special interest is to study both traditional and new risk factors in different settings, from the emergency department, after diagnosis with stable cardiovascular disease (CVD) during secondary prevention to recurrent disease.  Another special interest is to study the underlying genetics of different manifestations of CVD.

Emergency department epidemiology: Using data from electronic health records, Swedish national health care and/or quality registers I study the impact of both traditional and new risk factors in this special setting.  I study the importance of risk factors both in the short term and in the long term.

Stable CVD: In clinical and register based studies such as I study the importance of different risk factors for recurrent cardiovascular events in patients with established cardiovascular disease (CVD) in particular in the stable setting after myocardial infarction. Here we study the importance of both traditional risk factors such as lipids but also disentangle the effects of socioeconomic status for recurrent CVD. We also study the use of ambulatory blood pressure in stable CVD.

Genetics: Using studies within the Swedish Twin Registry in particular the TwinGene study we investigate the relative importance of genes and environment for the association between hypertension and other traits of the metabolic syndrome and chronic kidney disease and/or CVD.  I participate in international collaborations such as the HERMES consortium on genetics of heart failure and CKDGen consortium on genetics of CKD. Using Swedish national health care registers I also perform family studies in order to study the importance of a family history of coronary artery disease in different settings.

Teaching portfolio

Study program in Medicine coordinator and examiner in the course Degree project in Medicine since 2011

Director of studies. Medical diagnostics KS Solna 2017-18

Supervised over 30 degree projects on the Study programme in Medicine most of which have presented results at international meetings and/or published papers and 2 of which have been awarded best degree projects.

Director of studies. KI-SÖS clinical research school from 2019-

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