About me

My educational background is Clinical Medicine/General Surgery and I worked as a hepatobiliary surgeon in my country. I was registered as a PhD student at Professor Torkel B. Brismar Group in June 2018.

Research fields: liver function; liver growth/regeneration; gadoxetic acid enhanced MRI; radiomics & machine learning; hepatocellular carcinoma.

Research description

My PhD study is centered around how to accurately evaluate the liver function, especially the future liver remnant part, in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma before liver resection. We aim to establish non-invasive, accurate and reliable imaging biomarkers to evaluate (regional) liver function quantitatively based on preoperative gadoxetic acid enhanced MRI. With an ever-growing progress of artificial intelligence in the medical field, my current research is also making an attempt to apply machine learning approach (such as radiomics) to evaluate liver function, for instance to predict post-hepatectomy liver failure. We expect our research findings can supply a comprehensive estimation of the liver function for patients before liver resection, increase the number of patients as candidates for liver resection and assist to provide a safer and successful operation.



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Academic honours, awards and prizes

Medicinsk Diagnostik Karolinska Kliniknära FoU 2022.

Member of National Clinical Research School in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (NCRSCID) (2020-2022).