Rasmus Berglund

Rasmus Berglund

Clinical assistant

About me

Im a Post-doc in Maja Jagodic´s neuroimmunology unit and a resident physician at the neurology clinic at Karolinska hospital. 

SSMF fellowship 2022

Research description

My main focus is on the role of microglial cells in chronic CNS inflammation such as progressive multiple sclerosis. I'm interested in functional microglial phenotypes and how these are affected by environment and treatments, and how we can utilize this to benefit patients. During my PhD, I studied the protective microglial function in clearing and degrading  debris through autophagy in experimental MS models. My aim during my post-doc is to translate these findings to human disease. 


M.D Karolinska institutet 2005-2012

Ph.D Karolinska institutet, CNS, neuroimmunology 2012-2021


Academic honours, awards and prizes

SSMF fellow 2022