Renee Gardner; Photo credit: Ulf Sirborn/KI Bildmakarna

Renee Gardner

Principal researcher

Research description

My research focuses on the question of how factors in early life, such as maternal nutrition and metabolic conditions, infectious diseases, and inflammation, can affect later risk of psychiatric disorders, including non-affective psychosis and autism spectrum disorders.  To evaluate these relationships, I use both Swedish population health register data and molecular analysis of archived biological samples, such as dried blood spots collected during routine neonatal screening for metabolic disorders.

My publications

Teaching portfolio

I am the course coordinator on a rotating basis for the doctoral course "Epidemiology I: Introduction to epidemiology" (3078). I am also an instructor for the basic and advanced statistics courses in the Masters of Public Health Science program:  Basic Statistics and Computer Based Statistical Analysis (4FH071) and Advanced Statistics in Epidemiology (4FH074).


2009               Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences

                       Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health

                        Baltimore, MD, USA


2004               BS, Cell and Molecular Biology

                        BA, Philosophy

                        Tulane University

                        New Orleans, LA, USA