About me

I received my Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) in 2006 from University of Western Sydney, Australia, and her Master’s Degree in Public Health (Stress Prevention) from Karolinska Institutet in 2007. In 2014 I defended my thesis “Distress, Emotional reactivity and Fatigue following Breast Cancer: A theoretical Approach and a Randomised Intervention Study” at Uppsala University. My research focuses on the psychosocial consequences (quality of life, distress and fatigue) after different type of trauma, such as injuries and life threatening disease.

Research description

The focal point of my research is psychosocial injury epidemiology, more specifically reactions to different types of trauma.

During my PhD I focused on the psychosocial reactions following breast cancer diagnosis and I evaluated cognitive behavioral therapy given in two different modes (group vs individual).

Today my research focuses on psychosocial reactions to injuries, more specifically road traffic injuries and work-related injuries among young adults. Moreover, I also investigate sickness absence, both in terms of the rates and trajectories, following these injuries. 



Teaching portfolio

I am responsible for the course Collecting and organizing data in the Masters of Public Health track.

I am also the coordinator for the PHSP programme held at the department of Global Public Health. 



  • PhD, Uppsala University
  • Master of Public Health (Stress prevention), Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Bacherlor of Social Science (psychology), Univerty of Western Sydney, Australia