Robin A. Ramos

Robin Ramos Serrano

About me

I joined the Aging Research Center (ARC) and Carin Lennartsson’s research group on 9 January 2023. I am currently hired as a teaching assistant (amanuens) and my duties mainly revolve around the Survey on the living conditions of older people – SWEOLD project. This includes but is not limited to quality review, compile and present SWEOLD 2021 data in a cohesive dataset, as well as do literature search, statistical analysis and interpretation of results. Furthermore, I do also provide support and assist researchers with analysable data and qualified statistical analyses using Stata and SPSS.


I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology and I am currently writing my master’s thesis in Demography at Stockholm University, which aims to identify if the strength of the widowhood effect on mortality varies across various European countries.