Rodrigo Morales

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

My research goal is to understand the basis of inflammatory responses at a cellular and molecular level, and how different immune players can promote either chronic inflammation or tissue homeostasis. In my scientific career I have worked in different contexts of inflammation and tissue damage, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, mouse models of skin transplantation, and zebrafish models to study the role of immune cells during tissue regeneration. The work performed in zebrafish, during my PhD, allowed me to acquire key theoretical and practical knowledge to address immunological questions by using this model. I joined Eduardo Villablanca’s group at Karolinska Institutet with the goal of developing zebrafish models and tools to address in vivo the genetic-environment interactions that are relevant in the initiation of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). My plan is to use zebrafish to address biomedical questions that are difficult to solve with classical animal models or in vitro methods. Taking advantage of the transparency of zebrafish larvae, I aim to acquire novel insights on pathways and mechanisms involved in inflammatory responses, tissue damage and repair/regeneration in the context of IBD, by visualizing them in vivo and at real-time.

For more information please see my CV attached below.