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Roelinde Middelveld

Roelinde Middelveld

Project manager

About me

I work as a Project Manager at the Centre for Allergy Research (CfA) and Experimental Asthma and Allergy Research Unit, Institute of Environmental Medicine. My main tasks include administering and coordinating our unit's participation in EU projects, coordinating activities of the Centre for Allergy Research (a KI Centre of Excellence), as well as dealing with the research unit's research administration and finances, including biobanking issues, material transfer agreements, data processing agreements, ethical applications and collaboration agreements. 

My research activities include involvement in projects on asthma and food allergy, including the ChAMP project (CfA highlights asthma markers for phenotyping), the Swedish GA2LEN study, and research studies in the area of quality of life and socioeconomic status of patients with food allergies.

I am an active member of the project support group of the Good food for all (Bra mat för alla) initiative, a collaboration between the Centre for Allergy Research, the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Assocation and the Swedish Food Federation, who work together to establish a national Swedish knowledge centre for food hypersensitivity.

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