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Roland Fiskesund

Assistant professor

Team leader and Research Specialist with focus on Transfusion Medicine and Stem Cell Biology

About me

MD PhD, specializing in Clinical Immunology and Transfusion Medicine. 

Research description

Transfusion Medicine is a clinically important part of modern medicine and research in this field has vast translational potential.

Platelet transfusion in thrombocytopenia and erythrocyte transfusion in anemia are well established and routinely used in the clinic. Our main research interest is exploring the concept of neutrophil transfusion to neutropenic patients with antibiotic refractory infections. Neutrophil transfusion is currently utilized sparingly, mainly due to logistical challenges. We are in the process of developing "off-the-shelf" neutrophil concentrates, drastically cutting costs and logistical hassle.

Other research areas that we work with include enzymatic conversion of blood groups, citrate metabolism during apheresis treatments, harvesting and processing of stem cell grafts.  

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