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Sara Bartels

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

I am originally from Germany but moved abroad in 2016 to study in the Netherlands and the UK. My interest in human health motivated me to study (neuro-)psychology and gain insight into clinical practice through internships in care facilities and hospitals.

I have an optimistic and positive attitude and am happy to support others. I am patient, curious, and have an eye for detail.

During my PhD trajectory, I was part of the INDUCT network and my research focussed on technology and dementia (follow links for details).

Now as a postdoctoral researcher, I will work on the development and implementation of digital interventions to support people living with chronic pain. 

Research description

Research interests include: 

  • Momentary assessments, the experience sampling method, and other forms of (digital) self-monitoring and digital diaries
  • eHealth solutions (e.g. webpages, smartphone apps to promote health)
  • Health as a holistic concept, including physical, emotional and social aspects
  • Chronic pain
  • Treating and preventing disorders
  • Complex interventions, behavioural changes mechanisms, effectiveness and implementation
  • Older adults with and without cognitive impairments (e.g. MCI, dementia, caregivers)

Teaching portfolio

Tutoring courses based on the Problem-Based Learning approach at Maastricht University


Bachelor of Science, Psychology; Medical School Hamburg, D

Master of Science, Neuropsychology; Maastricht University, NL

PhD; Maastricht University, NL

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Marie Curie Alumni

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