Photo of Sara Nordqvist Kleppe

Sara Nordqvist Kleppe

Database coordinator

I coordinate sample collection in research studies, work with data for research or follow-up of patient care from the National Swedish Cervical Screening Registry and with studies on HPV-vaccines.

Research description

Coordination of sample collection

Our ongoing research projects with sample collection are CIN-HIV and ISP,

The sample collection on the ACCES Swedish nationwide AUDIT on cervical cancer cases (diagnosed between 2002 and 2011) is now finished, and results are currently being published (publication list).

National Swedish Cervical Screening Registry (NCSR)

I work with the register data and I am responsible for the Annual Report.

Long term safety and effectiveness of HPV-vaccines

In the registry and biobank based long-term follow-up, regarding safety and effectiveness, of the HPV-vaccines Gardasil and Gardasil9 (Merck Shape & Dome), I work with the follow-up of the study participants: collection of tissue samples from cervix, linkages with health data registries and registration of data into the study database.