About me

[Note to overseas students and fellows: If you want to join my lab as a Ph.D. student or as a postdoctoral fellow, and if you have funding from external sources to support your stay in Stockholm, you may feel free to contact me to start an informal discussion. See this link for more information http://ki.se/en/dentmed/international-students ]

Research description

The goal of my group is to discover anything that might contribute, directly or indirectly, to the prevention and cure of diabetes and its complications. We are studying the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction in the islet cells, with a focus on calcium signaling and ion channels, in the context of the pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of diabetes. Our research is at cell and molecular level and the relevance of results obtained from such research is not immediately obvious. A look at our publications may give an idea about what we are interested in and what we have been doing during the past years: 
















































Academic honours, awards and prizes